03 October 2018

Is It Cost Effective to Maintain Your AC

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Is It Cost-Effective to Maintain Your AC?

One of the common questions asked regarding maintenance of AC is how often should they be serviced? While there is no definite answer to this question, the servicing pattern can be determined by how it is used. Consulting with professional AC maintenance contractors will be a great idea. We are sure you are thinking about the costs. We can say that in the long

run it is remarkably cheaper to regularly maintain your AC to prevent serious issues.

So, while you consider why it is cheaper to maintain your ACs, another question arises. How can I consult the best AC maintenance contractors to handle this task? For the best results, it is essential that only the most experienced technicians carry out the servicing of your ACs. There are so many AC maintenance services in Dubai and the UAE; however, we have found a way to connect you to the best. This is why we launched Helpbit App.

First, let’s describe some of the features that will indicate it is time for the AC maintenance.

Loud abnormal sounds

When you hear this unusual sound, it is an indication that something is not right with your AC. It needs to be maintained. But don’t get out your tools; this is a job for expert technicians.

Unusual Smell from the duct

This is an indication that something has gone awfully wrong. Probably because the AC maintenance work has not been done. The technicians will sort it out easily.

High energy consumption

If you notice your AC is consuming more energy than usual leading to higher bills, it is time for AC maintenance.

Your AC stops cooling

When you notice a drop in the system’s capacity, there is a need for servicing and routine checks.

Is there a quick fix?

These issues can be avoided if you had previously scheduled routine AC maintenance. The regular checks help to prevent the issues mentioned above. Regular AC maintenance keeps all the parts of your AC working correctly. Now, let’s talk about the value of Helpbit.

Helpbit is an online platform that connects service providers with the consumers. On the site, the best services for AC maintenance in Sharjah and AC maintenance in Dubai can be found. The services also cover areas such as Abu Dhabi.


How it works

If you need services such as AC maintenance in Abu Dhabi, simply download the app or visit the website to view the available services close to your location in Abu Dhabi. The service providers have been vetted to ensure they are experts in their field of services.


The comprehensive services rendered include the following process;

·         Detailed inspection and troubleshooting

·         A detailed report of the faults

·         Carrying out minor repairs (noise, wiring issues)

·         Labour Charge


The platform offers a convenient way to connect with professional AC maintenance service providers in areas such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman in the UAE. So, take a quick listen, does your AC sound like every part is working fine? Now you can keep its functionality at an optimal level by scheduling a professional inspection and AC maintenance.

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