05 November 2017

Best Painting Tips for your House

Category : House Painting

1. Buy the Best Quality Paint:

Painting like a professional painter?  Simply use the best quality paints. High-quality materials matter, though it costs more but it lasts longer and will definitely look much better than the cheaper ones.

2. Invest in Good Brushes:

Invest in buying some good quality paint brushes. If the paint brush you use is of an inferior quality, it will be reflected on the paint job and deprive your house of the grace that it deserves.









3. No Need to Scrape off Old Paint:

If you have bits and pieces of old paint peeling off, it’s better to scrape it off. However, doing so is not mandatory and will consume a lot of time and energy.

Simply paint on the existing coating of paint, it works well if your existing paint is a light shade and you want to paint darker this time.

4. Buy all Colors Together:

Before you begin, buy all the colors at once and mix them if required. If you buy them one by one, you may find it hard to match the exact color shades that you wished for.

5. Cover Everything:

Before you start painting you have to cover everything. From the windows to the dining table to the switchboard, literally everything! If anything is left uncovered, chances are high that the paint will get all over the place and might ruin your stuff.

it’s better to cover floors with sheets rather than plastic covers that could be slippery. not to mention that covering will reduce the time and effort to clean after painting.


6. Start from Top to Bottom:  

Remember always to start painting from the top to the bottom. This will give an unchanging and actual professional look to the walls.

7. Inspect after you Finish

Once the job is finished check the walls properly before the paint dries. If there is any blemish on any wall patch it up quickly. It is always easier to patch up when the paint is still wet than after being dried. 

8. Need Help!

It is not an easy task to paint a house like a prof without any help.  You can always ask a friend or a relative to step in and help you get the job done. You can also get a professional painter from Helpbit to get the magic touch.





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