04 April 2018

Easy Steps for a Great Moving Day

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As early as you can try to pack everything and plan ahead, probably you will have like 30 or 60 days before the moving day; use them wisely to avoid the hassle.

Prior to booking with the moving company you need to mention all the requirements and expectations; so your mover can estimate the total moving time and cost, as well as bringing the right equipment.

To avoid the waist of money and time make sure that you requested the right size of truck to move your belongings in one go:

·         In general, the contents of one-bedroom apartments will fit in a 16′ cube truck.

·         2 to 3  fully furnished bedrooms will require a 24′-26′ truck to ensure your move is    completed in one load.

·         The contents of most houses can be moved in the same 24′ truck with one or two trips.

Moving is a good chance to get rid of the stuff that you do not need and occupy a space in your home, you can sell it or donate it.


Whenever you visit the grocery store grab a few boxes as you will need it for packing, the smaller the boxes the easier to carry it when facing stairs or narrow pathways.

Mark the boxes and add a description for each box so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Do not use garbage bags for packing as your friends might accidentally throw them out on the moving day.

Make sure your truck is not blocking anyone’s exit If you are moving on a weekday. Also you need to make sure that there is plenty of room to park the moving truck.

It is always better to book moving services with reputable moving companies to avoid the damage of your valuable belongings, Book movers with Helpbit.comand enjoy the moving experience.

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