03 October 2018

Why you need efficient AC services

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We all need a reliable AC system to cool our homes. It is no longer a luxury in our homes; it is a necessity for comfort. When winter and summer get to their respective extremes, you need consistent flow of air. However, this cannot happen if you do not check and maintain your AC regularly. AC Maintenance intervals are dependent on your frequency of use; others can take a year while others need monthly maintenance. The best time to run your maintenance is during spring, to prepare adequately for the following seasons.

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their homes. But this comes with some effort and a little price. While you can run some maintenance practices and repairs on your own, it is important for professionals to check on your AC system regularly.

Just like a car, you need to service your AC on a frequent basis whether there is a malfunction or not. Machines are prone to wear and tear over prolonged use; it is important to clean, replace and repair the AC parts on a regular basis. There is a lot of info online on DIY soft AC cleaning tips; this is okay for basic practices but comes with a risk. You are likely to interfere with delicate parts of an AC and increase damage on your system. This is why you need AC services providers.

Why you need efficient AC services

AC services providers are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah and these beautiful emirates in the UAE get hot when summer sets in; day times are great on beaches until you get back to your room. Any AC is not an option; in this case, your  AC should be powerful and efficient.

If you get problems to sleep with an AC, you will have to choose between hot air and a running AC. Of course, you will opt for the latter. For many people, AC is never turned off during the season. This exposes them to wear and tear thus need for constant inspection and repair. Moreover, the dusty weather leads the AC to clogging of the ducts and coils hence malfunctioning. This decreases efficiency and effectiveness of the AC. Therefore, AC cleaning in Dubai is unavoidable.


Why should my AC be inspected?

Inspections save on energy bills. Yes, your monthly utility bills will significantly reduce after a professional check on your AC. Besides, inspection increases energy efficiency and durability. You will notice the efficiency of your AC once our experts leave. Noise and regular breakdowns will be of the past.

Our expert AC services providers will notice small details that you have probably missed for months. Fixing the wear and tears or breakdowns usually cost few bucks. If the small defects are left to prolong, they often lead to serious damage that will necessitate a replacement or AC thermostat installation.

AC inspection includes checking coils, draining line, refrigerant levels, connections, blower, motor, as well as operating temperatures or pressures. A qualified and certified AC expert uses these systems to pinpoint malfunctions.

Is it worth cleaning your AC ducts?

We tend to forget about ducts because they are hidden behind walls and in the ceiling where our eyes rarely reach. Ducts are like the circulatory system in your house; vital for efficiency and effectiveness of your AC. While ducts are often permanently fixed and hidden, it is important to get to every corner and clean them. Our providers will ensure that all the duct diversions are taken care of hence smooth and clean air circulation.

AC duct cleaning intervals are dependent on how frequently you use the AC. Also, if you have kids or a person with any allergies you might want to book AC service in Sharjah.


How do you know AC duct cleaning is due?

Our professionals can perform general inspection and advise accordingly. However, you can also notice. If there is less airflow in the rooms or people experience irritation or allergy when you turn on the AC, it is time for AC deep cleaning. Also, a sudden increase in electricity bills indicate clogging in the ducts. Diagnosing the AC ducts can be as simple as the need to sweep your house more frequently.

The demand for AC services in Dubai is increasing by day. It is important to engage professionals for installation, repair, and maintenance.

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